Why Low Cholesterol is Worse For Your Life and Health


We have been led down a destructive path.

What I was taught in medical school and have been espousing to my patients is wrong, misleading, and not true.

The evidence has been clear for decades, but economic, political, and hysteria has ruled over science, logic, and truth.

LOW cholesterol is WORSE and DANGEROUS for everyone.

You need to look at MORE than total cholesterol to see if you are at risk for heart disease.

My cholesterol was recently measured at 348……..and I am happy as a lark.

My triglycerides are LOW. My “good” HDL is high. And I have big, fluffy, cardio protective LDL.

In addition, my level of inflammation is nonexistent. And that may be the most important.

In this study, there was a direct correlation between a LOW serum cholesterol and cognitive function, abstract reasoning, and attention/concentration.


Wonder why there was no ADD/ADHD when you were younger???

We ate LESS processed food, the low fat craze was not invented, and our diets consisted of higher fat.

Do not be fooled by clever marketing or uneducated physicians.

Eat real food.

Eliminate sugar.

Say NO to grains, in all forms.

Be healthy, happy, and disease free.

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