The Sugar War is On!

Now that the word is spreading, the food industry is slowly trying to profit from our fear of sugar.

Yes, you should eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners from your diet.

Fat is NOT the culprit.
Eating fat does NOT make you fat.

Sugar and things that turn into sugar, like starches, is the primary reason our health is deteriorating at a rapid pace.

I saw this product today while shopping and was intrigued.


Upon closer inspection, there is no less than 4 ingredients that are actually sugar containing.

Remember, the nutritional label does NOT have to be accurate. It states only 4 grams of carb per serving. Many of the ingredients in this product will spike your blood sugar, cause inflammation, and lead to poor health or stall your weight loss.


Yes, it is low carb compared to the other products on the market.

My wife LOVES yogurt and sticks to the higher fat, less JUNK that is placed in most of them.

If any product says 0 fat, or low-calorie, STAY AWAY.

Eat real food, healthy high-fat, no sugar, and no wheat or grains.

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