Eat More Fiber!


I have always been an advocate of a high-fiber diet.

Not only does it aid in bowel function regularity, but many studies have documented the decrease in colon cancer, diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Once again, A RECENT STUDY has demonstrated the added benefit of fiber to REDUCE the risk of heart disease.

Conclusions: Greater dietary fibre intake is associated with a lower risk of both cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.

Here lies the problem.

How are you adding fiber?

Breakfast cereal?



These are ALL detrimental to your health as they will increase blood sugar, spike insulin, create inflammation, and lead to obesity.

Do NOT believe the labels on these packages!

“Heart Healthy” is foolish, misleading, and false!

You can get enough fiber from real food, fresh vegetables, or adding a fiber supplement.

Your dinner plate should look like this:


If you have the need, desire, and wish to add more fiber to your diet, I recommend Metamucil, Konsyl, Citrucel, Benefiber, or a fiber capsule like Fibercon.

(Insoluble fiber like Metamucil, Konsyl, and Fibercon tend to produce MORE gas, but my male patients do not usually complain!)

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