Sugar Feeds Cancer – Happy Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month


Welcome to Colorectal Cancer awareness month.

The American Cancer Society recommends that EVERYONE undergo a colonoscopy, starting at age 50, to look for the precursors of colon cancer.

Most colon cancers start as small growths called polyps that when removed, will NEVER grow and become cancer.

In addition, anyone with a first-degree relative with colon cancer OR polyps, needs to start the process at an earlier age.

A colonoscopy is an easy, simple, outpatient procedure.

I have had mine! It was great. And I had a polyp removed!

But what do I tell my Colorectal cancer patients after surgery??

Any dietary requirements?

What can we do to PREVENT a recurrence??

Lets look at the literature……….

THIS ARTICLE clearly identifies that patients with Colorectal cancer NEED to eliminate sugars, wheat, and grains (as they become sugar) in order to LIVE LONGER!! That is correct. Your diet choices are instrumental in how long you will live.

In sum, patients that ingested MORE SUGAR AND CARBOHYDRATES not ONLY developed more recurrent disease, but actually DIED from their disease at a higher rate!!

Cancer cells can ONLY survive on an environment with glucose (sugar).

Cancer cells do NOT survive with fat or amino acids (protein).

Why would a cancer survivor eat the Standard American Diet with the majority of his or her calories coming from carbohydrates (sugar)??

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