Is Sugar Toxic?

Watch the video below. It was on prime time TV.

Here are the highlights:

Over the top, but true, sugar is toxic.
High fructose corn syrup = sugar = both equally bad
Sugar is linked to obesity, hypertension, heart disease, type II diabetes
The American lifestyle is killing us, 75% of disease is preventable
American’s consume 130 lbs of sugar per year
Strong link between sugar and increase in risk factors for heart disease and stroke
A calorie is a calorie is a calorie is not true
Daily consumption of HFCS increases blood levels of small dense LDL within two weeks
In the 1970s the gov’t mandated a reduction in fat, we did and heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and death has skyrocketed
Take the fat out of food and it tastes bad, food industry knew this, so it replaced fat with sugar
Most doctors do not know this information
Sugar is a major focus in cancer research
Limit sugar intake and you decrease your chances of developing cancer
1/3 of all cancers including breast & colon, have insulin receptors, sugar goes to the tumor and then it grows
Sugar is addictive just like cocaine
To the brain sugar is no different from drugs or alcohol
Over time we need more and more sugar as we build up a tolerance

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