Why Not to Fear Bacon


It is very interesting to talk with patients and listen to the myths that have been propagated by “experts” for decades.

I spend most of my day educating, explaining, and teaching individuals that their current understanding of nutrition is false.

1. Counting calories is under rated
2. The ingestion of saturated fat does not lead to heart disease
3. Healthy whole-grains are not healthy, and need to be eliminated

Another great myth is nitrites and nitrates.

I was always under the impression that these substances are cancer causing agents and need to be avoided.

After much reading, listening, and learning, I have found that this is definitely not true.

Here are some facts as outlined by Chris Kresser

1. Most nitrite/nitrate exposure is produced by our own bodies (saliva at 70-90%).

2. 93% of nitrite exposure comes from vegetables.

3. Nitrite and nitrate “free” products actually have the potential to have more than advertised due to the natural sources of chemicals added.

4. There may be a BENEFICIAL effect of nitrites in your diet.

For your own satisfaction, CLICK HERE and HERE to read more.

The bottom line is to enjoy the best quality meat you can, bacon is a great source of saturated fat, and tastes GREAT with anything you want to eat…..so enjoy!

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