Why is Sugar So Bad??


For those of us paying attention to the health of our society, the problem all along has been sugar.

And NOT just added sugar to the diet, but the products that get CONVERTED into sugar, like carbohydrates.

This article spells out clearly what the main problems are with sugar and how it is affecting our weight, health, and mental capacity.

Here are some of the highlights but you really need to read on you own!

Knowledge is power. CLICK HERE to see article and look up some of the references to satisfy your curiosity.

Sugar is:

1. Addictive
2. Adds fat
3. Creates poor food choices
4. Affect young minds
5. Not satisfying
7. Feeds cancer cells
8. Mixed with other toxic ingredients
9. Causes inflammation
10. Adding to the monetary health care burden
11. Turns into fat
12. Causes cravings
13. Hidden in other forms like drinks
14. Ruins teeth
15. Alters your mood
16. Affect your sleep
17. Has no nutritional value

The main problem with understanding these concepts is that there is NO IMMEDIATE affects on the poor nutritional choices we all make on a daily basis.

The small decisions we make daily can add up to the cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, or Alzheimer’s disease one may get in 30 or 40 years.

Why would you take that chance?

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