How many carbs can I ingest?

It is also important to remember that EVERYONE is different. And men are DIFFERENT from women. Some people feel better with a higher carbohydrate intake. For example, my wife feels better with 60-70 gram of carbohydrates while I feel great with less than 30 per day.

Find what works for you.

Eliminate ALL sugar, grains, wheat, and processed food.

The first 7-10 days you will feel the sugar withdrawal and want to quit.

Do NOT succumb to this feeling.

The benefits on the other side are fantastic.


In order to start the process of your lifestyle change, it is important to recognize that you will need to check, monitor, and assess how many carbohydrates (carbs) are in EVERYTHING you ingest. Most people ingest between 250-500 grams of carbs per day, and in order to lose weight, feel better, and burn fat, you need to keep your carb count as low as possible. I try to maintain between 20-30 per day, but do have some days were I am around 50. The way you calculate the carb count is to LOOK at the nutritional label. Image

The carbohydrate content is CLEARLY marked on each label and since dietary fiber is not absorbed or converted to glucose in the body, you can SUBTRACT the amount of fiber from the total (in the above label there are 2 net carbs)

It is very easy to keep tract. There are FREE web sites and…

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4 thoughts on “How many carbs can I ingest?

    • So here’s the big pic. I am 58, and tend to eat well. Since quitting smoking in Nov 2012 I have gained about 37 pounds. Yes, I love to eat now, in fact I can’t seem to stop when just laying around the house on the weekend. I do not eat that much bread, but find myself eating rice, green peas and beans, fish, chicken, and I enjoy the taste of spicy foods. Should I be concerned about the spicy foods at this point in my life? Is there a “best schedule” for eating a wide variety of foods?

      Any information is greatly appreciated Dr. Cohen. I will continue going through the site tonight, but thus far it is a very valuable resource. Thanks, Elton Hugee

      • Spicy food is perfectly fine.
        The KEY is to eliminate SUGAR and items that are converted to sugar in your body.
        If you go through your house, much of the processed food has high fructose corn syrup added. This is worse than table sugar.

        Read my list of no-no’s and let me know what you think.

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