More Evidence About Cancer and Carbohydrates


Cancer patients are a mainstay of my medical practice.

Colon cancer, ovarian malignancy, anal canal cancer, and other malignancies are on the rise.

In addition, I am seeing patients younger and younger with advanced stage tumors, and many lives are destroyed by cancer.

Can it be the foods we are eating? Is it a result of the  Standard American Diet (SAD) as espoused by our fearless leaders, physicians, and nutritionists?

Can a diet alter, modify, and reverse the course of cancer?

Here are some of the highlights of this recent article published in Nutrition and Metabolism (2011)

1. Most, if not all, tumor cells have a high demand on glucose compared to benign cells of the same tissue.

2.Epidemiological and anthropological studies indicate that restricting dietary carbohydrates could be beneficial in decreasing cancer risk.

3.Carbohydrate restriction mimics the metabolic state of calorie restriction or – in the case of ketogenic diet – fasting. The beneficial effects of calorie restriction and fasting on cancer risk and progression are well established.

4.Some laboratory studies indicate a direct anti-tumor potential of ketone bodies (fat).

I encourage ALL of my cancer patients to adopt this lifestyle.

Eliminated processed food, reduce carbohydrates, increase fat intake, and ingest a moderate amount of protein.

What do they have to lose???

It appears we ALL have more to gain…….

2 thoughts on “More Evidence About Cancer and Carbohydrates

  1. so cancer cells take in the glucose and put out lactic acid? isn’t lactic acid (lactate) good for the brain? cant cells use lactate in place of sugar? if this is true then cancer cells are the bodies defenses against chronic hyperglycemia. you think? maybe cancer is a survival mechanism and if the underlying problem is not addressed the person will die and the cancer will be blamed and not the underlying problem? guilty because it was at the scene of the crime?, like cholesterol was blamed at one time for heart disease and not insulin resistance or glucose intolerance being the cause of the high cholesterol? hum gives one pause. sugar is like gasoline highly oxidative and naturally if it cant be handled it hangs around and sticks to everything oxidizing them, right? the body has to have defenses against that and the brain still needs fuel, ketosis is very hard on the body and is only a temporary arrangement, the body hates famines even carb famines. personally I hope I never get cancer regardless, cancer is a bad sign of deterioration of your body, it means death is closer than ever.

    • There is a LOT of evidence that cancer propagation is directly linked to the oxidation of free radicles. And the increase in sugar in the diet leads to these free radicles. Decrease the carbs, hence the less free radicles formed.

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