Tofu, Soy, and Tempeh


In many of the patients I treat, an alternative source of protein is always a question.

But, how healthy are these products?

Can I eat them instead of steak?

What about my vegetarian cousin? How can she be a low carb advocate?

This is a GREAT article about how each of these different types of protein affect your body.

In general:

1. Eat real food. Edamame (whole soybeans) contain phytic acid which can affect absorption of some important nutrients.

2. Do not use Soybean oil. Or ingest anything with Soybean oil.

3. Do not ingest ‘healthy’ nuts or crackers with soy. The mere mention of soy does NOT make it healthy.

4. Soy milk. NO. Sugars and phytic acid.

5. Tofu. Highly processed. Avoid if possible. Occasional alternative to meat.

6. Tempeh. BEST option. Fermented and has plenty of healthy isoflavones.

7. Miso. Also fermented with isoflavones.

In sum, there is a lot of controversy about soy and many of the above products.

Stick to real, unprocessed food and you can eliminate the controversy.

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