Is Nutritional Ketosis Safe for Me?


In doing research about training for another Ironman, I ran across hundreds of athletes reducing carbohydrate intake to create ketones for energy. In the past, the modus operandi was to carb load before an event, ingest hundreds of calories several hours prior to the race, and keep up with the 400-500 glycogen deficit during the next 10-14 hours.

Times are now changing.

Many people are now completing endurance activities on a limited number of glucose calories and teaching their bodies to burn ketones for fuel.

The safety of this method has always been in question and many studies have pointed out the safety of this technique.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Dietary ketosis is DIFFERENT than life-threatening ketoacidosis. The later is seen in diabetic patients when the production of ketones is rapidly produced in extremely high levels and overwhelms the bodies natural acid-base balance.

2. In a low carb state, fatty acids are released and form ketone bodies that flow to other organs to be used as fuel. This in turn spares glycogen breakdown.

3. There is no clear requirement for dietary carbohydrates for adults. In fact, many studies have demonstrated the safety of ketosis.

4. Ketosis does not breakdown muscle mass.

Eat real food.

Eliminate sugar, wheat, and grains.

Feel better.

3 thoughts on “Is Nutritional Ketosis Safe for Me?

  1. Steve

    Been eating vegetables raw and cooked and trying to eat even more in 2014. I saw a supplement called “Athletic Greens, you mix during, with water in the morning and is supposedly equivalent to 12 servings of veggies? What are your thought on these, not as a substitute, but a supplement? Thanks. Greg

    • In my research, Athletic Greens are the best product to obtain all of the good micro-nutrients that are in real fruit and vegetables.

      The biggest negative is the cost!!

      All of the benefits of this product can be obtained by eating real food, plenty of vegetables and green leafy foods, and low glycemic index fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries.

      As a supplement, Athletic Greens seems to be a good product.

      Hope that helps!

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