“But Oatmeal is healthy for me………”


In my goal to educate, inform, and instruct patients on the food choices they make, I continue to hear this statement.

Let me be clear. The oatmeal that you purchase in packages are NOT healthy, has no nutritional value, and cannot make you skinny, healthy, or famous. The glycemic index of a bowl of instant oatmeal is 83. In other words, your blood sugar is elevated HIGHER with a package of instant oatmeal than M & M’s, vanilla wafers, or a bag of potato chips. The spike in blood sugar raises insulin and causes inflammation, fat storage, and other metabolic disorders.

The ONLY benefit of these products are the fiber, and everyone can obtain more fiber by eating real vegetables, adding pure psyllium, or fiber tablets.

Do not let clever marketing fool you. These products are full of natural flavors and colors, high fructose corn syrup, and other ingredients that are not fit for consumption.

If you really want a hot or cold cereal in the morning and want to use oats, buy the best quality steel-cut variety and add coconut milk, cinnamon, chopped raw nuts, and/or berries.

But remember to keep count of your carb intake for weigh loss. One half cup of steel cut oats has 23 net carbs!!! Too high for many individuals trying to lose weight, feel better, or become metabolically efficient for endurance sports.

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