Why Do We Advocate SUGAR to Diabetics?


I cannot understand why the American Diabetes Association tells patients it is OK to eat sugar.


Did you read that right?

Read the current recommendations.

Here are some highlights:

Foods containing carbohydrate from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat milk should be included in a healthy diet.

•With regard to the glycemic effects of carbohydrates, the total amount of carbohydrate in meals or snacks is more important than the source or type.

•As sucrose does not increase glycemia to a greater extent than isocaloric amounts of starch, sucrose and sucrose-containing foods do not need to be restricted by people with diabetes; however, they should be substituted for other carbohydrate sources or, if added, covered with insulin or other glucose-lowering medication.

•Non-nutritive sweeteners are safe when consumed within the acceptable daily intake levels established by the Food and Drug Administration.

As a physician, I do NOT tell me patients that have sugar problems to eat more sugar. That is ridiculous.

Eliminate the sugar.

Avoid carbohydrates.

Regain your life and health.

2 thoughts on “Why Do We Advocate SUGAR to Diabetics?

  1. Amen, brother! I’ve been asking the same question myself! (Over and over, until my wife can’t stand to here it anymore!) It’s criminal. Me: LCHF for years, down 30 lbs and working towards an ultramarathon at 45.

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