Internet Sites For Low Carb Recipes


Since my main job is to bring you information and not make or cook your meals, here is a GREAT list of websites that I go to on a daily basis to look for ideas and recipes.

Please share your ideas with me so I can help other individuals achieve their goals.

Send me any links to your favorite web site or recipe and I will give you credit and post on line.



All Day I Dream About Food

Linda’s Low Carb Recipes

Maria Mind Body Health

Authority Nutrition

Peace Love and Low Carb

Wheat Belly Blog


Slim Palate


8 thoughts on “Internet Sites For Low Carb Recipes

  1. I need a recipe for fish…I want to eat more but don’t know the best way to cook it
    Standard recipe books are not helping.
    Sam C

    • I made an amazing dish last weekend and wanted to share- I had about a pound and a half of chicken breast tenders that I was at a loss what to do with. So I put them in the crock pit with enough Greek Vinaigrette to almost cover them, then added a jar of sundries tomato basil pesto. I let that cook on low for 3-4 hours, then I added fresh spinach and artichoke hearts for 30 minutes. If I cared for olives I’d have added them but I don’t. The result was an amazing chicken dish that satisfied my taste buds and needed no carb side! The sauce was rich and tasty, and the chicken could be cut with a fork. Feel free to share!

    6 chicken breast halves, skinned and boned
    1 pkg. (8 oz.) light cream cheese
    4 green onions sliced, tops and all
    6 slices of bacon

    Pound chicken breasts until somewhat flatter. Mix together cream cheese and green onions in small bowl. Divide cream cheese mixture into six portions and place on top of breasts.

    Fold breasts over cream cheese mixture and wrap chicken breast with bacon attempting to keep cream cheese inside. Secure with toothpicks. Place in 450 degree oven. Turn eery 10-15 minutes. Chicken should be done in about 30-45 minutes. Enjoy!
    This was delicious!!!
    kimberly taylor gurtler

  3. Here is a site I’ve followed for 2 years. Her name is Melissa Monroe McGehee & she also has 2 books out..she follows the Grain free, Sugar Free, some Dairy free, Low Carb High fat lifestyle…I have one of her books…CHOCK FULL OF MOUTHWATERING RECIPES & advice & suggestions.. this is her FB Fan page but she also has a blog site as well
    “Satisfying Eats: Sugar Free, Grain Free & Hunger Free”


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