Start Slow With Small Steps


Change is difficult for everyone.

In the beginning, make small changes to your eating plans.

No great choices in the hospital cafeteria today, but I was still able to eat low carb. No bun cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce.

Remember, bread and starches like French fries are converted into sugar in your body.

High sugar means an elevation in your insulin, which in turn signals your body to store fat.

The ability to maintain a low blood sugar will force your body to burn fat and release the fat from your body.

Do you prefer high or low sugar in your system?

5 thoughts on “Start Slow With Small Steps

  1. Thanks for all these great tips !! We are both trying really hard !!! At 70 it’s hard, but I know we can do it !!! So far the soup is our favorite. For 2, you can eat on it more than once 🙂

    • I agree it is definitely a challenge to renew your mind and disregard everything you have been taught for the past several decades. Once you start seeing the results, you will be amazed. Both of my parents are in their 70’s and have lost over 20 lbs each, feel great, sleep better, and have more energy than my teenage kids!

  2. I am just learning about low carb and it is a learning experience. I never realized how many carbs I was eating. I am working at eliminating more all the time, in the meantime, I am also working on switching the carbs I do eat into gluten free choices (I read with my low thyroid it is best to avoid gluten). It can be hard when you don’t have the support of your spouse though. A little at a time may work with him. 🙂

    • Yes, I agree. Small steps. Make sure your gluten free products also are GRAIN FREE. Many of them have replaced gluten with other GMO products that can do as much damage and raise your blood sugar. For example, potato starch, tapioca starch are common in these. Not all gluten free is low carb.

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